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Gary Ewer has suggested word association to help with lyric writing.
  1. On a sheet of paper in your songwriting note pad, write a general topic at the top. Such as “I’ve Met Someone New”, or “The Winter’s Been Too Long!”, or “Where Have All My Friends Gone?”
  2. Fill the sheet with words and phrases that relate to your topic. Don’t try to make connections at this point. Consider this to be almost like a word association game, where one word makes you think of another.
  3. On a new page, create two columns; “Verse” and “Chorus”. Words that seem to describe situations in an observational sort of way should go in the “Verse” list, and those that express an emotion should go in the “Chorus” list.
  4. Create random lines of verse and chorus lyrics. “Verse” lines are observational and describe situations, circumstances or people. “Chorus” lines express mainly emotional thoughts.

Andrea Stolpe has suggested "creative collisions" for making metaphors.
See also: To make your own metaphors, try making a list of interesting nouns, verbs, and adjectives.
Nouns Verbs Adjectives
lips flutter ruffled
carousel whistle rusty
pavement shield friendly
When you’re finished, simply try thrusting two or three of them together at random. Make a short sentence, exploring their collision. Take the collisions wherever you feel them going, building full sentences from the metaphors that arise. Great metaphors can be excellent first lines of lyric, immediately drawing the listener in.

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